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Are you tired, frustrated, and still struggling to find time to workout?

Skip the Gym

Workout from the comfort of your own home with Profectus Fitness powered by XBody, a complete workout in just 20 minutes.

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What is XBody?

The XBody training suit uses EMS technology to stimulate your muscles for a highly effective workout. EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a whole-body training method provides the perfect combination of a highly effective strength and cardio workout.

What are the benefits?

Xbody provides unique benefits compared to traditional resistance and cardio training.



With XBody you can achieve the results of a 90-minute training session in just 20 minutes.


XBody provides the perfect combination of strength, cardio, and recovery to increase muscle mass and lose body fat.


XBody training sends electric impulses directly to the motor nerves so you can strengthen and develop those hard to target muscles.


Stop battering your joints under heavy weights. XBody allows you to strengthen your muscles without putting any extra stress on your joints.

Who is it for?

Because of its unique benefits, the XBody system is ideal for anyone looking to save time on their workouts. No longer do you have to spend hours in the gym every week. With just 2, 20-minute Xbody sessions a week, you can lose fat and gain muscle, while staying pain free.

What do people think?

I personally use the XBody system for all my workouts and with each of my clients and have seen firsthand the results that can be achieved. Check out some of the videos below of clients trying out the XBody system for the first time and photos of their results!

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FREE TRIAL SESSION for the first 15 clients who book before July 31st. Register Today!